Problem:  Where can you go to escape?  Where can you go to explore?  Where is a place no individual has been?  Has all land been found?  Your imagination is such a place, so pristine.  If my paintings portray this imagined landscape that I am trying to pilgrimage to during the process of painting, does it in return allow this place to have been found by outsiders…the inevitable audience in art?  Does the process of visually ---physically…finding/creating these paintings privy eyes not of mine to set foot in a territory I want to keep to myself.  Am I really this trapped? Or, what is the solution to this selfishness?  To a place I want to call my own….no, further a place that I alone want to exist within…but to get it to exist I must conjure it up physically.

Solution:  So, if nature is this go to for me…as a place of escape…how do I allow it to be accessible to an audience and only accessible to me at the same time….Potential energy.  Like a still frame.  If I can trap a potential energy and employ the viewer’s experience to supplement the physical paint…maybe I can keep it pristine.  If I allow the painting of this “mindscape” to be perhaps considered aesthetically unfinished, will it allow the viewer to finishing the action implied on the canvas surface, which allows a unique experience in which the delve into their own imagination, while at the same time I too get to keep this place I am quasi-sharing to myself.